Trump Wins $200K Tussle Over Club Membership

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No matter what you think of “The Donald”, it sounds like in this case, he was on the side of the little guy.  Even though in the end he gets to pocket $200K – who knows what the legal fees were with Bruce Rogow representing him in the appeal, and apparently worth every penny of it – a Florida appellate Court ruled that ‘The Donald” can keep the $200,000 judgment he won against a fellow fat kat and club member in one of The Donald’s private clubs.  The reports say Trump threw the man out of his club after the member committed several and repeated abuses against the club staff.  The Donald wouldn’t stand for it.  Way to go Donny!  Championing the cause of the little guy.  Now, if you could just get Obama to take you up on the $5 Million dollar offer, everything would be right in your world.  But alas…

Read Marc Freeman’s Miami Herald article here:

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