Russian Mob in South Beach, A Caricature of Itself

Russian Mob in South Beach, A Caricature of Itself

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The Defense’s strategy is to portray the Fed’s primary witness as a habitual liar.  Check.  He’s admitted it.  In fact, he has characterized all of the significant players in the trial – once his partners in crime — as “professional liars”.  If you need a little entertaining reading, you couldn’t make up anything as salacious and interesting.  The admitted Russian mobster is the star witness in a trail the locals are calling the ‘Bar Girl,’ trial.  At its core is the scheme of how Russian and Eastern European women were illegally smuggled into the country to take advantage of drunk male tourists on South Beach, who were all too willing to be taken advantage of.  Although there are no innocent victims in this story, no underdogs to root for, it is a fun read.

Read Jay Weaver’s Miami Herald article here:

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