Osorio a Miami Madoff?

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At least five lawsuits, along with related court declarations and testimony, now accuse Claudio Osorio — a one-time Fortune 500 CEO known for capitalizing on his connections to people in the worlds of business, charity and politics — of tricking investors and lenders into backing a fledgling international business built on falsehoods, fabrications and fake documents (the” triple f’s”).

Early this month, a Miami judge found Osorio in default for failing to turn over financial records in the case of Chris Korge and stripped Osorio, the InnoVida CEO, of the authority to run his company, appointing a receiver to take control and dig deep into its finances, including locating money owed to various investors, lenders and other creditors.
Read Jay Weaver and Gerardo Reyes’ Miami Herald Article here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/12/2112584/well-connected-businessman-faces.html#ixzz1GaSgqriP

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