Miami: What’s Wrong with My Boobs?

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Where shall we begin? Of The Real Housewives Of Miami’s bounteous contributions to our community’s collective intellect and culture, which shall we discuss first?


Perhaps with its keen insights into ethnography. (“The Latinos being island people, the attitude is fun. It’s like less clothes, music, kind of laid back,” notes one Housewife.) Or, maybe, its fearless feminist insistence that a patriarchal world not be allowed to stamp out women’s core values. (“I’m trying to have time for me, to work out, go shopping, look cute.”) Or its thoughtful perspective on the evolution of American family values. (“My mom’s a bigger bitch than yours!”) Or its revival of the lost art of conversation. (“What’s wrong with my boobs?”)


But best of all may be that The Real Housewives Of Miami will forever erase the unfair image that television has created of Miami as a corrupt hellhole of narco-traffickers, serial killers and transvestite porpoises.


Read Glenn Garvin’s Miami Herald Article here:

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