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Miami Warming to the Mega Mall Concept

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So, who doesn’t want to go skiing in the middle of the summer in Miami.  The question — and, even more so, his own answer — made Omar Olivera sigh heavily. But, yeah, he reluctantly admitted, having a giant shopping mall with a water park, a ski slope and a submarine ride in Northwest Miami-Dade County would be great. Even if it obliterates the pretty, winding canal in which he had just caught a fat bass with his fishing pole.

 “If it does a good job of bringing in dollars, I’d say that mall is a net plus, even though it will be sad to lose all this,” Olivera said as he methodically plucked the hook from the fish’s mouth. “I understand people are worried about the traffic it will bring. But the biggest mall in America is bound to bring a lot of dollars, too.”  “Bring it on,” seems to be the prevailing answer.

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