Miami: Payroll Scam at Jackson, Say It Ain’t So

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Petty criminals often amaze me with their unsophisticated schemes.  If they had used as much energy on trying to do something legally, they might have contributed to making the world a better place.  Instead, they usually face the very real possibility of orphaning their children, disgracing themselves, and undermining public confidence in the institutions in which they work.  Corruption is a big deal, and we the people should use all means at our disposal to rid our lives of these parasites.  The latest, a Jackson Health System audit manager has been charged with setting up “ghost employees” to defraud the financially troubled public hospital system out of $83,000 – and more arrests are expected.  Innocent until proven guilty, but if guilty, throw the book at them and bury them under the jail.

Read John Dorschner’s Miami Herald article here:

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