Miami: No Port For You!

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President Barack Obama’s budget plan earlier this week was a mix of good and bad news for South Florida.

The bad news: An aggressive effort to secure federal funding to dredge the Port of Miami suffered a significant setback when Obama declined to put aside money for it. Local officials and the state’s South Florida congressional delegation had hoped to secure $75 million in the president’s 2012 budget proposal to dredge the port to 50 feet to accommodate bigger cargo ships. But the administration said the project didn’t land high enough on its priority list, said Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami.

More bad news: The budget plan cuts by $300 million – or 7.5 percent — the popular Community Development Block grants that many cities, including Miami, use for helping the poor.

Advocates for the Everglades hailed the good news that the Obama administration was committed to restoration efforts. Everglades Foundation chief executive officer Kirk Fordham hailed the budget plan, saying the administration “understands that Everglades restoration is a priority to sustain the water supply, create jobs and provide myriad economic benefits.

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