Miami: Mystery Piano Strikes a Chord on the Web

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As questions flew Tuesday over how a grand piano ended up in a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, people wondered: Does it now only play in sea minor?

At least few things have become clear about the grand piano tucked down in the middle of a Biscayne Bay sandbar.

A. Judging by how quickly stories and photos of the castaway instrument went viral, the world apparently thinks this was an amusing thing to do.

B. Whoever put it there (music-video makers were raised as possible suspects) did not ask the proper authorities for permission.

C. The proper authorities are sort of amused anyway.

A picture of the piano first ran on National Geographic’s website on Jan. 18. Back then, it had a small bench in front of it, pelicans hovering overhead and it was sitting in a few inches of water.

Read Charles Rabin’s The Miami Herald article here:


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