Miami: Medicare Fraudsters to Plead Guilty

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A Miami couple accused of masterminding a $200 million mental healthcare racket plan to plead guilty to defrauding the taxpayer-funded Medicare program, their lawyers told a federal judge Thursday.

Lawrence Duran, 48, and Marianella Valera, 39, owners of a Miami-based chain of seven clinics called American Therapeutic Corp., were indicted in October with directing the largest mental healthcare scam in the country. A total of 22 others — including company employees, psychiatrists and patient recruiters — have also been charged.

Among American Therapeutic’s patients: Elderly people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease who could not have benefited from the costly group therapy sessions, according to prosecutors.

The couple’s lawyers told U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King that they will keep him posted on the “guilty plea proceedings,” which are expected later this month. Their trial was set for August.
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