Miami: Higher Fees to Save Budget

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While plunging home values and a decision not to raise property taxes offer many Miami residents a break on their tax bill this year, tucked in the budget are a host of rate and fee hikes that city leaders hope will make up for those missing dollars.

Miami residents will now have to pay $250 fines after a third fire alarm. Receiving a towed car will cost $134. And to get fingerprinted at the city’s police department, they will have to fork over $10.

The moves are an attempt – along – with salary and pension cuts – to fill the city’s $105 million budget hole, a vacuum caused in part by last year’s troubled stock market and a 2007 worker-friendly union contract that pushed many salaries sky high.

The city expects the fees, from fire inspections to vehicle impoundment to emergency medical services, to raise $18 million. Most of the new rates went into effect on Oct. 1, the first of the new budget year, and you didn’t even know about it.

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