Miami: Chinese Drywall Repairs Begin

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In her Lauderhill home, Eleanor Aguilar began experiencing horrendous migraines, insomnia and sinus infections.

Looking back, signs that something was wrong with her home were there from the beginning.

“When we closed in 2007 and did the walk through, I noticed a smell coming from the master closet on the second floor. The inspectors told me it was just a new house smell,” she said.

Two years later, Aguilar, 49, received a letter from developers Centerline stating her home may have been built with defective Chinese drywall. An inspection confirmed the suspicion.

Aguilar’s home is one of thousands nationally that was built with the defective, high-sulfur Chinese drywall, which is believed to corrode copper and other metals and cause electrical problems.

Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, responsible for producing one-fifth of the tainted drywall, agreed in a federal court settlement to pay for rebuilding the insides of selected homes, relocation and attorney fees.


Read Alison Agudo’s Miami Herald Article here:

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