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Miami at Epicenter for Healthy Fast Food

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Chipotle just doesn’t cut it anymore. We want it fresh. We want it cheap. We want it fast. And most importantly, we don’t want it to taste like it’s good for us.

That’s a tall order for the new crop of healthy fast-casual restaurant chains, a segment that has struggled in the past but now is flourishing thanks to celebrity chef backings and the popular farm-to-table trend.

Fortunately for Miami, we’ve got tastes from around the world which makes the task a bit easier. My Ceviche is an example.

“Make it better for me, but I don’t want to give anything up. I want less salt, no antibiotics, no trans-fats, more fruits, more veggies. I don’t go out to restaurants to give stuff up; I go to restaurants to be tantalized,” Greg Dollarhyde, CEO of Santa Monica-based chain Veggie Grill, said by way of summarizing the typical consumer.

More Americans are choosing foods based on the benefits — antioxidants, polyphenols, omega-3s — rather than based on what’s being left out — fat, sodium and carbohydrates, according to industry analysts. It’s a switch from an avoidance diet to an add-in diet. And these new chains are capitalizing on that change, giving vegetables and good-for-you grains top billing at the center of the plate.

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