Miami: Art Basel’s Ode to Haiti

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Art is expression. The artist’s soul is that of a rebel. They see things differently than the rest of us. They lead us to see things we might not otherwise see. We don’t always appreciate them, but they are always in front of us.

Recently, artists gathered in a warehouse in an industrial nook off 76th Street to paint, to make pretty the heavy vinyl tents, similar to those that so many Haitian earthquake survivors have called home for nearly a year.

Using paints sure to withstand the harsh conditions of the Haitian earth and sun, the artist reinterpreted the most basic concept of shelter, making tents into beautiful, pitched messages of hope that will be seen from the skies as visitors fly onto the island nation.

Born from a cast of South Floridians looking for a way to help Haiti, the Base Paint Tents will be exhibited beginning Tuesday so the discerning crowds of Art Basel can see the collection of meaningful art, but also as a flare that much more needs to be done.

Read Audra D. S. Burch’s The Miami Herald article here:

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