Miami: Art Basel Buzz

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Art Basel is a recent Miami creation which has taken the art world by storm. In the short time it’s been around, it has become the Western Hemisphere’s most prestigious art fair. The fair takes place essentially over a long weekend of Dec. 2 to 5. But the “event” itself is not where the “action” is. The action will take place in the side events, the sub events, the underground events, and the spontaneous “Art-In’s”.

There will be a dizzying whirl of glamorous dinners, hush-hush viewings and after-hour soiree. The fair amounts to a Herculean scavenger hunt for collectors, crammed into four days. The New York Times has put together a list of 10 must-do spots to schmooze, party, dine and, oh, see art.

Read Julia Chaplin’s The New York Times article here:

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