Hanoi Meets Havana on Calle Ocho

Hanoi Meets Havana on Calle Ocho

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Little Havana ain’t “little Havana” any longer.  It has long been the home to more recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America.  Now, we’re starting to see quite a few more Asian faces popping up into the mix.  I point out this column because it is an example of how far Miami has come, and it portends how far we’re likely to go.  Plus, if you want to try a new restaurant, Vietnamese cuisine is spectacular.  Stay tuned for more Cosmopolitization.

Several weeks ago a couple of friends dragged me to the most satisfying dining experience one can have in Miami. The restaurant is in Little Havana and no, the menus aren’t in Spanish and the food isn’t Cuban. It is Hy Vong, a Vietnamese restaurant which stands on Calle Ocho — a stone’s throw from Versailles — and yet the experience is so unique you may as well be in downtown Venus.

Read Joe Cardona’s Miami Herald article here:


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