Emilio Estefan Just Now Shifting Into Gear

Emilio Estefan Just Now Shifting Into Gear

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To the casual observer, it looks like Emilio Estefan has done alright for himself: His wife, Gloria Estefan remains the most famous voice from Miami, and during that same time span, he has remained at the center of Latin pop.  Not to mention that they have managed to be both the power couple and the glitter couple of Miami for more years than a lot of us have been alive.  Well, some of us. And, they’ve amassed a real estate empire that makes Jorge Perez blush.  Anyway, if you ask Emilio, after more than 30 years, he might tell you that 2013 promises to be one of his best and busiest years on record, and he may be entering the most high-profile phase of his career.

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