Downtown Greenway Coming to Miami?

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You have to hand it to the planners of the City and County of Miami.  They are not hindered by tradition.  They are willing to propose and try just about anything.  The Port Tunnel, the SkyRise “thing”, and Marlins Stadium are examples.  Well hey, they can’t all be winners.  Now, they are proposing a “hack” for Miami’s main thoroughfare.

 Here’s how to cross Biscayne Boulevard in the heart of downtown Miami:

 Wait a looong time for the crossing light. Hurry across four inhospitable lanes of traffic before the light changes. Now scoot along a parking lot — watch for cars going in and out! Then brace for another long wait and four more lanes of hurtling car traffic. Good luck making it across!

 Is it any wonder that only a few of the tens of thousands of people who work and now live downtown ever venture across to Biscayne Bay?

 A new proposal by the city’s Downtown Development Authority aims to change all that. The conceptual plan would perform radical surgery on six blocks of the boulevard, converting what’s now effectively an eight-lane highway dividing city from waterfront into an inviting, pedestrian- and bike-friendly urban greenway.

 We’ve pulled off some pretty radical stuff.  Let’s see if this idea floats.

 Read Andres Viglucci’s Miami Herald article here:

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