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Beckham and his Stadium Back in Downtown Miami, This Time on Privately Owned Land

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I’ll get my biases out of the way upfront:  I’m pro U.S. Soccer, I’m pro MLS, I’m pro David Beckham and his Stadium, and I’m pro Posh Spice.  Seems that they all may be headed back into Downtown Miami.  David Beckham has found a site for his soccer stadium, and it isn’t next to Marlins Park.

Instead, Beckham’s partner Tim Leiweke told CNBC earlier this week that “I think we have found a site” that is “probably different than what people think we’re doing.” He said that the group would know within days if they have a deal.

Dade schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho told the Herald that he didn’t know where Beckham’s new site is, but it is privately owned.  Word is, it’s tied into the World City Center, close to the AAA.  Good news, the Spice Boy has a lot of followers, fans, groupies, etc., and they all spend money.  Hooray Miami!

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