Miami at Epicenter for Healthy Fast Food

Chipotle just doesn’t cut it anymore. We want it fresh. We want it cheap. We want it fast. And most importantly, we don’t want it to taste like it’s good for us. That’s a tall order for the new crop of healthy fast-casual restaurant chains, a segment that has struggled in the past but now […]

Downtown Greenway Coming to Miami?

You have to hand it to the planners of the City and County of Miami.  They are not hindered by tradition.  They are willing to propose and try just about anything.  The Port Tunnel, the SkyRise “thing”, and Marlins Stadium are examples.  Well hey, they can’t all be winners.  Now, they are proposing a “hack” […]

Miami Warming to the Mega Mall Concept

So, who doesn’t want to go skiing in the middle of the summer in Miami.  The question — and, even more so, his own answer — made Omar Olivera sigh heavily. But, yeah, he reluctantly admitted, having a giant shopping mall with a water park, a ski slope and a submarine ride in Northwest Miami-Dade […]